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Visualize yourself in a gloomy film theater, your eyes fixed on the screen. While you were gripped to the screen, you may not have observed that how smoothly one shot merged with the other, and how flawlessly the sound effects and sensational music fit into each part of the movie.

Now, frame your intellect around this – not one movie ever began in this perfectly flawless order. While shooting a movie, cinematographers are not so legendary that are able to get the perfect shot all the time, and actors are not so ideal that mistakes are never incurred. Although an average movie is no longer than an hour and a half, each one typically starts out with hours and hours of raw footage.

This is where we come in. We are professional video editors and am responsible for editing the raw footage shot during the making of a movie/advertisement/music videos/events.

We usually sit down with the director, and sometimes the producer, and watch hours and hours of raw footage. Together, we then decide which scenes should be kept and which ones should be deleted.

We have worked with Great Indian Film Personalities like Nagesh Kukunoor, Sanjib Datta,  Salim-Sulaiman & many others. Multinational brands like TTAT, Colage Communication, The Leadership Review, Par Excellence and various others are my clients.

Major Projects include Maya, Tez Raftaar & Shivaay (Feature Films), Dak Ghar (Cine Play), Life Sahi Hai (Web-Series), Patanjali Advertisements, A Documentary on Yervada Jail, McDonalds Corporate Film, Jiye Mera Desh & Ek India Happywala (Music Videos), ICCA Dubai Showreels and many more.

Apart from this you can check our selective portfolio where we have worked at different levels/roles.
We can provide services in Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production of your films, TV Serials, Web-Series, Short Films, Documentaries, Modelling assignments & Wedding/Pre-Wedding Photography or any other media related work.

We believe in constantly reinventing and take up challenging projects. I want to raise the bar with every Project that I deliver. I will be providing complete project execution & delivery.


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“Movie footage was shot on real strips of film before the increased use of more modern digital video cameras. Video editors had to actually cut and connect the shots together. Nowadays, the majority of video editing work is done with digital footage and computers.”